World famous, sweet creamy southern goodness. Sugar cane meets pecans to create our original praline. Sugar cane meets pecans and chocolate to create our chocolate praline. Both our original and chocolate pralines have a distinct flavor and texture that leave an unforgettable taste that you’ll drive miles to get every time you have that craving.


The best fudge ever made. Creamy, beautiful and delicious. This southern goodness comes in a variety of flavors and some seasonal specialties. Chocolate is our best seller but don’t miss a chance to try the chocolate & pecans, mint chocolate, chocolate & vanilla swirl, cookies & cream, chocolate & amaretto, maple pecan and smores. Is your mouth watering yet? Stop in and get a slice of heaven. Now, order yours online and have it shipped directly to your door!


Create Your Own Box of Chocolates
Will that be a 6, 12, 15 or 24 piece box of chocolates today? Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, truffles, clusters, meltaways & chews….the possibilities are endless. This is the perfect gift for someone special or a special treat that you can’t pass up. Life should be like a box of chocolates ~ hand chosen by you.


The largest variety of bulk candy you’ll ever see. Hundreds of items to choose from! Gummies galore, licorice of every kind, Jelly Belly jelly beans, Saltwater Taffy, Lollipops & Suckers, Old Fashioned Hard Candies, Nuts, Pretzels, Caramels and Chocolates. Theater box candy and plenty of other specialty items sure to please everyone.

Charleston Specialties

Yes ‘mam there is something special about the way we do things down south. Year after year we see the same beautiful families that visit our store for their sweet vacation treats and special commemorative gifts of their unforgettable time in paradise. Homemade chocolates, Sweet Julep’s candied pecans, Sweet Julep’s caramel popcorn, Old Colony Bakery Benne Wafers, Sweet Julep’s cordials and Carolina Cotton Candy are must haves for loved ones near and far.