Dragon Gurl Avatar
Dragon Gurl
8/21/2020 - Google

I love this place! They have so many freshly made sweets! They're great and very friendly. They will make you... read more

Jessica Neary Avatar
Jessica Neary
6/25/2020 - Facebook

I visited Sweet Julep’s when my sister was graduating In the Navy in December. I got the pralines, which were... read more

Marcie Walker Walters Avatar
Marcie Walker Walters
5/14/2020 - Facebook

Amazing place amazing staff and they are making it work in the middle of COVID. Great job!!!!!

Dayna Kelly Avatar
Dayna Kelly
5/13/2020 - Google

Everything from this local shop is incredible! They're open 7 days a week and are able to deliver locally for... read more

Dawn Ng Avatar
Dawn Ng
5/10/2020 - Google

A++ for both customer service and quality! During this time of distancing, I was blown away by the kindness and... read more

Camille B. Avatar
Camille B.

Amazing and awesome! Your efforts made the "stay at home" Easter better for my son, in the Navy, my... read more

Susan J. Avatar
Susan J.

My husband and I both love chocolate and if we're going to indulge, we only want the best. Godiva... read more

Kim Perritt Avatar
Kim Perritt
5/04/2020 - Google

Wonderful product and service

Caleb Calandra Avatar
Caleb Calandra
5/04/2020 - Google

Chocolate. Covered. Gummy bears.

Jennie Wilder Avatar
Jennie Wilder
5/03/2020 - Google

The sweetest candy store! The staff are all friendly and helpful. The store made candy is so, so good... read more

Paul K. Avatar
Paul K.

These are the very best Pralines we have ever tasted and were so happy to share them with our friends... read more

Kelly Avatar

We shared these with our dear friends for Easter. Thank you so much for your amazing chocolates!

Gary Metts Avatar
Gary Metts
4/29/2020 - Google

This place is the 'BOMB". From the moment you walk into the store Amy and her staff treat you special.... read more

Dene Jenkins Avatar
Dene Jenkins
4/28/2020 - Google

Absolutely LOVE this place! If you are ever in the area, it is a must! The store is... read more

Robyn Bouchie Avatar
Robyn Bouchie
4/27/2020 - Google

I cannot sat enough good things about sweet juleps. This was one of my first experainces when i came here... read more

Nicole Wooley Avatar
Nicole Wooley
4/27/2020 - Google

I have had several different candies shipped to me over the past two years and they're always in perfect condition... read more

Bruce Koedding Avatar
Bruce Koedding
4/27/2020 - Google

We always stop by Sweet Julep's after we go to the movies. This is a wonderful, locally owned, purveyor of... read more

Zoe Jenkins Avatar
Zoe Jenkins
4/26/2020 - Google

Sweet Juleps has the sweetest workers ever and the most DELICIOUS candy, pralines, chocolates and fudge you will ever eat!!... read more

Martina Howton Avatar
Martina Howton
4/20/2020 - Facebook

Just Awesome!!! If you like fudge and chocolates this is the place

Marlee Feldmann Avatar
Marlee Feldmann
4/19/2020 - Facebook

Absolutely delicious! High quality sweets and customer service. This is a one of a kind place you don’t want to... read more

Ashley Taylor Avatar
Ashley Taylor
4/19/2020 - Facebook

If you’re looking for absolutely incredible treats for any time and / or occasion that is beautifully packaged, as well... read more

Nelson Thomas Avatar
Nelson Thomas
4/19/2020 - Google

Absolutely a fantastic experience. Desserts are unique and delicious! If you haven’t been here yet... now is the time!

Nelson Thomas Avatar
Nelson Thomas
4/19/2020 - Facebook

Absolutely a fantastic experience. Desserts are unique and delicious! 5 STARS!!!

Dene J. Avatar
Dene J.
5 star rating
4/12/2020 - Yelp

Wanted to thank Sweet Julep's! As we are all in quarantine, me in IL my mom in Texas and... read more

Karrie Warren Soto Avatar
Karrie Warren Soto
3/23/2020 - Facebook

Pralines are to die for! Definately try the chocolate ones. Fudge is also amazing. I recommend the mint chocolate.

Jeanette Carson Avatar
Jeanette Carson
12/11/2019 - Google

Just ordered a Thanksgiving pie from here! One thing off the to do list for cooking and service was perfect!... read more

Cyndi D'Alessandro Avatar
Cyndi D'Alessandro
11/11/2019 - Google

Great friendly staff and amazing truffles and sweets! Actually went back the second time. Great prices. A must go!

Patti Cettin Avatar
Patti Cettin
11/11/2019 - Google

Unbelievable selection

Danielle Traveria Avatar
Danielle Traveria
10/11/2019 - Google

I stopped in this shop with my family to pick out a gift for a friend. The woman working there... read more