Sweet Words from our Clients

John Boulding Avatar

Co selection of treats

John Boulding 6/15/2022
Carolyn Wiggen-McCoy Avatar

Staff are fantastic, friendly and provide great service. Great variety of treats! Yum!

Carolyn Wiggen-McCoy 6/01/2022
Yikes! Yikes! Avatar

Yikes! Yikes! 6/01/2022
Damon I. Avatar

4 star rating The owner called and apologized. They also had a conversation with their employee. I wasn't mad just disappointed that someone... read more

Damon I. 5/19/2022
Lucy D Avatar

i received a box of your sugar free chocolates for mothers day and they are delishes but... read more

Lucy D 5/10/2022
Kailah B Avatar

I poo into this place weekly when I’m in the area with my family. They have a great selection of... read more

Kailah B 3/13/2022
Teresa Lauterbach Avatar

Teresa Lauterbach 1/21/2022
Meredith Bihler Avatar

This has quickly become a repeat request from my kids when they complete their star charts for good behavior

Meredith Bihler 1/14/2022
Lori Esteves Avatar

Most expensive candy we've ever bought lol. Great fudge and pralines though.

Lori Esteves 12/27/2021
Kristi Anthony Avatar

Yum! Friendly service!

Kristi Anthony 12/08/2021
Alexis Permenter Avatar

Great selection. Regular and sugar free chocolates and candies.

Alexis Permenter 11/28/2021
James Greenawalt Avatar


James Greenawalt 11/17/2021
Elliot Avatar

I am the Praline King! 👑

Elliot 10/29/2021
Mary Kehl Avatar

Enjoyed looking at all the sweet treats. Like pralines.

Mary Kehl 10/26/2021
R S. Avatar

5 star rating I am so thankful that I live 2 hours from this place or I would be gigantic and diabetic. ... read more

R S. 10/18/2021
Ankita singh Avatar

Ankita singh 10/12/2021
Grace Stelling Avatar

They have a large selection of candies, pralines, etc. Very nice place. I highly recommend it!

Grace Stelling 7/31/2021
Bill Barber Avatar

Great to take kids for an activity

Bill Barber 7/01/2021
Heather Valeri Avatar

Love this independent Chocolate Shop and Candy Store. The owner makes the most decadent truffles and fudge. ... read more

Heather Valeri 6/15/2021
janet leon Avatar

Amazing homemade fudge

janet leon 6/08/2021
Karen Barbadora Avatar

Best sweet shop in town and extremely friendly and knowledgeable too!

Karen Barbadora 5/25/2021
Christine Potter Avatar

Christine Potter 4/21/2021
B Kreisle Avatar

Not much sugar stuff I'm sorry meant sugar free candies last time I went they had more but guess... read more

B Kreisle 4/08/2021
Bruce Kinney Avatar

Bruce Kinney 3/30/2021
Alex McEvoy Avatar

Good orange soda

Alex McEvoy 3/16/2021
Kelly Joyce Kowalchick Avatar

The pralines are incredible. The fudge is so creamy and amazing, in so many flavors. The in-house designed chocolates are... read more

Kelly Joyce Kowalchick 3/11/2021
Kelsey W. Avatar

5 star rating I live in California and my mom sent me this fudge from Sweet Julep's. It is so smooth and delicious... read more

Kelsey W. 3/01/2021
Sean Brennan Avatar

Sweet Julep’s really came through for me today! Someone I care about was having a very bad day and I... read more

Sean Brennan 2/12/2021
Sean Brennan Avatar

positive review  Sweet Julep’s really came through for me today! Someone I care about was having a very bad day and I... read more

Sean Brennan 2/11/2021
Sean Brennan Avatar

Sweet Julep’s really came through for me today! Someone I care about was having a very bad day and I... read more

Sean Brennan 2/11/2021
Jessica Rosa Avatar

I ordered a dozen chocolate-covered strawberries for my sweetheart, and he said they were delicious! The strawberries were delivered... read more

Jessica Rosa 11/09/2020
Lizzy Andrews Avatar

Great customer service and variety! They have candies you see on YouTube, but also a great selection of homemade truffles,... read more

Lizzy Andrews 10/09/2020
Emily Elizabeth Avatar

My family and I love this place. Everytime we take a trip to mt.pleasant we have to stop by.

Emily Elizabeth 10/09/2020
Lisa Simmons Avatar

positive review  This is the BEST store in SC, hands down and the pralines are like no other. Top notch service!!!!!

Lisa Simmons 9/30/2020
Susie Palmer Avatar

positive review  The best pralines.... hands-down.... EVAH!!! 💞💞💞

Susie Palmer 9/16/2020
Dragon Gurl Avatar

I love this place! They have so many freshly made sweets! They're great and very friendly. They will make you... read more

Dragon Gurl 9/09/2020