Corley Ginn

Corley Ginn

Confectionery Chef

As a little girl, Corley’s favorite pastime was playing with her Easybake oven and throwing tea parties for her teddy bears and dolls. She loved her Easybake oven so much that her mom quickly learned that it was the best (and possibly only) thing to use as a bargaining tool for when Corley misbehaved. The fear of losing her oven prompted her to make good choices.

Corley knew she had to follow her childhood dream and, after attending Presbyterian College, she applied to Culinary School. The Culinary Institute of Charleston knew they found a gem in their new student when they made an exception for Corley to bypass some of the prerequisite courses in order to allow her to focus on the higher level education they offered. She took on every single course as a personal mission and did not settle for anything less than giving her best.

The Culinary Institute required each student to complete an externship to complete their coursework. Corley recalled visiting Sweet Julep’s often when she was growing up since her parents owned a retail store in Towne Centre. She remembered the sweet confections and had great memories of the store, so she decided to inquire about completing her externship at Sweet Julep’s. The short-term externship ended up being the beginning of Corley’s forever confectionery home. She completed her degree and joined the staff with an overwhelming desire to bring new products to the business and someday train others and share her love of confections.

Today, Corley’s dream has been realized. She has an Assistant Confectionery Chef and an Apprentice Confectionery Chef that assist her on a daily basis with her delicious and exciting new innovations. Her amazing insight into the confectionery world has become a contagious habit for the Mt. Pleasant population, who can’t seem to get enough of her creations. During the holidays, her divine sweets are under every Christmas tree and in every child’s stocking, and now, they’re making their way to countless homes across the country and even around the world!