Maria E.

Maria E.

Sweet Sales Assistant

A junior at Trident Tech, Maria is pursuing her degree in Psychiatry. Soon she will be transferring to College of Charleston to pursue her dream of becoming a PhD. Maria joined the Sweet Julep’s family in 2019 after noticing a “Now Hiring” sign posted on the front door of the shop. She was offered a job the day of her interview after fitting in so well with the staff that was there that day.

Maria comes from a large family with 7 siblings, 2 cats and 1 dog. There is never a dull moment in her household! One of her favorite family traditions happens each December when her family buys a real Christmas tree and they decorate the tree with ornaments from the local dollar store. After Christmas they drag the tree, decorations and all, to their outdoor firepit and light it up for a perfect winter bonfire.

Maria’s family is originally from Mexico and her favorite Mexican holiday is the Day of the Dead when they dress up, make traditional Mexican food, spend time in prayer and share memories about loved ones that have passed.

Maria loves reading, visiting carnivals & fairs, hiking, biking, swimming, traveling, and trying new foods. She pours her heart and soul into her job and truly loves her time at Sweet Julep’s. Her favorite part of working at Sweet Julep’s is watching people in awe and wonder when they walk into the candy store. Even someone who may not be having a great day can easily change their mood when they see their favorite childhood candy and can’t help but smile. Maria’s time at Sweet Julep’s has taught her how passionate people are about candy and chocolate. She has loved hearing stories from customers about their memories of growing up and visiting candy stores.