Charleston's Original Praline Snaps

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Yes, we did! We took everyone's FAVORITE praline and turned them into bite sized pieces! Our praline snaps are the same world famous, sweet creamy southern goodness that you love. Sugar cane meets fresh picked South Carolina pecans to create our original praline....then snapped to become bite sized pieces. Our pralines have a distinct flavor and texture that leave an unforgettable taste that you'll drive miles to get every time you have that craving.

Bet you can't eat just one bite......

While our original pralines are very fragile and could break during shipping, these snaps are the perfect answer!

Praline Tip 101:

  • Don't waste a single morsel! Even the crumbs make an AMAZING ice cream, oatmeal or sweet potato topping.

Approximately 1 pound of pralines in each serving.

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