McCraw's Old Fashioned Flat Taffy

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McCraw's Old Fashioned Flat Taffy Sticks are an old fashioned piece of taffy with a unique story. In the early 1900's, 1908 to be exact, an aspiring candy salesman had a "brainstorm" that lead to the creation of one of America's favorite candies and his idea was nothing more than a simple statement that he made to the owner of a popcorn company, "You should make taffy and sell it with the popcorn." Who knew?His idea worked and the taffy sold today is made using the same formula and technique -- it is one of the few handmade candies still available -- as it was over a hundred years ago and, as the slogan goes, " this candy has the taste of an old fashioned country store." and McCraws Old Fashioned Flat Taffy looks like it comes from one too... McCraw's Old Fashioned Flat Taffy measures 12" long, is individually wrapped and has a net weight of .75 oz. We have an assortment of flavors -- Banana, Blue Raspberry, Cotton Candy, Grape, Rainbow Orange and Vanilla and will ship what is available at the time.

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