Saltwater Taffy

No one can resist the smooth texture and mouthwatering flavor of classic saltwater taffy! This nostalgic delight emerged from Atlantic City, NJ to become one of the most popular confections in the world. Often used in wedding favors or given as a special gift, saltwater taffy is sure to please any sweet tooth! Each individually wrapped piece includes rich molasses, sea salt and palm oil to produce that creamy taste experience that has everyone reaching for a second piece… or even a third and fourth!

Saltwater taffy comes in a long list of delicious flavors, each featuring its own unique color. The many pastel hues, like yellow, pink and orange, harken back to this candy's seaside origins. You'll love sampling each distinct flavor, like caramel swirl or root beer float! Nothings better than a stroll along the boardwalk with watermelon or raspberry saltwater taffy. Explore our flavor list today and discover your new favorite beach snack!

About 65 pieces per pound

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